Copy Coaching Services

Entrepreneurs & Startups

Attract dream clients and skyrocket your business by creating authentic copy that coverts. Learn to kick writer’s block and become an expert at expressing your true voice. The result? Copy that sounds like you, written by you.

Corporate Clients

Maximize results efficiently and rapidly by improving your company’s copy and communication strategy. Through a series of hands-on training sessions, you’ll walk away with effective methods to convert prospects and enhance your brand.

I decided to work with Laura to rework the copy for parts of my website. I was stuck and uninspired by my own copy and felt unable to get my key messages across. Through hands on exercises and Skype calls, Laura opened my eyes to what I needed to write and helped me understand how best to edit (and re-edit) my copy to make it much more inspiring and attractive. She also made me feel much more confident in my own writing ability by giving me a number of tools which we used in the work we did together and got me started on feeding my blog as well as my website in general. It was a great investment in an outcome I would have been unlikely to reach myself without her input.

Dorte Ertboll

Laura’s problem solving ability and genuine interest in helping people craft their message and voice makes her a great ally in creating copy for any project. She had concise, actionable suggestions for me and really took the time to understand my business and its needs. She was very easy to talk to and made the process fun.

Vanda Manprasert

I loved our call. I have thought about our conversation many times since. What I thought was so great is not only did you talk about copy and how to connect with my audience but you gave me real feedback about my business and ways in which I could connect more with what I offer. We would work so well together. I knew that from our first conversation on FB.

Shauna Lay
Shauna LayYoga Teacher & Spiritual Coach

If you are confused, anxious or overwhelmed about your approach to writing social media and need some support… Laura is the real deal! Before our call, I could not see the forest from the trees. By the end of our call, I walked away with a very clear plan on how to move my brand forward through writing and in the social media space, with actionable items that are authentic.

Bryan Collins
Bryan CollinsLife Coach for Creative Minds

Working with Laura really transformed my business and marketing strategies. She has great ideas, effective skills, and a collaborative approach that I absolutely needed to grow my business. I highly recommend Laura for anyone who wants to launch or revamp their business to take it to the next level.

Janet Huh Turner
Janet Huh TurnerRodan & Fields Skincare Consultant

Talking with Laura was a great investment of time. Part coach, part motivator, I can see why she has been able to help so many people and impact their businesses. In just a very short time, she gave me some very concrete ideas not only for my copy, but also for launching my business. From a review of my website and our conversation, it very was clear that she understood my industry and how I could better define my niche.

Maribeth Evezich

Laura is a person that you see walking down the street and her energy collides with everything you think is wonderful. I did the initial discovery copy call with her and ended up with so much to think about and a clearer direction for my business. As someone who is transitioning to the entrepreneur realm, I have to take a good look at how I am spending and what I am spending it for. At the end of our call it was a no-brainer. I feel extremely energized to take the next step for myself and my coaching practice. I look forward to working with Laura and getting my hands dirty (in a good way). Thank you Laura for all your guidance and love. I could definitely feel it!

Kirsten Asher

Thank You to Laura Fortey. I signed up for a Skype session and received about three years worth of insight, plus an actionable to-do list. I couldn’t be happier! Laura really took the time to understand my business and I believe she is an excellent strategist with a keen understanding of writing and the entrepreneurial landscape. Highly recommended!!

James Callaway
James CallawayWeb Designer

In my business, I want to attract the people that I love working with as clients but I have been unsure about my “voice”. In a Skype copy coaching session, Laura gave me some practical suggestions that made my copy feel more authentic and relatable instead of sales-like. At the end of the session I had a couple of take home messages to work with. She was kind and personable.

Ann Swanson

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